mub is 60" long, 30.125" wide and 22.5" tall and with the four feet. Height to top

f curig is approximately 7.5". Length from shower pipe to wall mount is 8.5". (Requires 5" space between wall and tub at fixture end). Length from curtain ring to ceiling mount is 16.5".


A complete tub setup!  A full-size 5-foot tub with all four cast iron feet!  Faucet is still installed which includes a shower pipe connection with shower curtain ring.  The ring mounts to the wall and the ceiling.  There is not a shower head, but the pipe is threaded.  Would fit nicely in a standard 8 ft ceiling room.  The tub setup came from a Rocky Mount home.


Cast Iron Tub with Shower Head and Curtain Ring

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