Overall dimensions:  117.5” tall, 102.25” wide, 8.5” wide. 

Door is 83.75” tall, 47.375” wide, 1.75” thick.

Jamb depth is 7”. 


Very unique exterior door with entrance surround that has a pediment and graduated casing design.  Pediment above transom graduates from 5.875” to 8.625” in height.  Side casing/pilaster follows the same gentle graduating design with the overall width at the floor starting at 102.25” and narrows to a width of 96.5” at the pediment. Because the reveal is so thick, there are two sets of transoms and sidelights, one for the interior and one for the exterior.


We are currently missing one of the interior sidelight panels, but it can be replicated by copying the other side. THERE IS NO GLASS. The door is a traditional 6-panel design. Hinges and door handle hardware is still installed/included. Also, a very neat doorbell is still installed, but missing parts. House numbers 301 are still on the exterior pediment. We also have windows that came from this same house and also lots of interior trim boards, many of which are door and window casing that match the pediment and graduating pilaster design.


Taken from an Eastern NC home built in the 1850s. We will not separate the door from the surround. Windows and interior trim pieces taken from the same house are also available.

1850s Door and Surround with transom and sidelights